Thunder Force: Gallery of New Netflix Movie

Thunder Force, Netflix Original’s new comic superhero movie, premiered on the streaming platform on April 9, 2021.

In a world where super villains are the order of the day, two childhood best friends Lydia (Melissa McCarthy) and Emily (Octavia Spencer) meet after Emily creates a cure that enables them to protect the city.
The two have completely different personalities – Lydia is a free spirit, and Emily is a meticulous scientist – but their lasting bond of friendship supports and guides them on their adventures.
With the help of Tracy (Taylor Mosby), Emily’s daughter, the two are ready to battle evil “miscreants”, including “The Crab” (Jason Pittman), “Laser” (Boom Clementiv) and their leader, “The King” (Bobby Cannaval).

Thunder Force – Netflix Gallery Movie

Melissa McCarthy and Lydia

Octavia Spencer and Emily

Taylor Mosby is TRACY, Emily’s daughter

Thunder Force netflix

Boom client is a laser

Bobby Cannaval is the King, and Jason Batman is the Crab

Lydia and Emily

Lydia and Emily

Thunder Force netflix

Lydia vs laser

Thunder Force netflix

King e crab

Thunder Force netflix


Thunder Force netflix

The laser

Thunder Force netflix

Lasers vs Emily and Lydia

The film was written and directed by Ben Falcon.

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