Thun loan from Breitenmoser finds happiness in Finland

Two pros are leaving FC Thon on loan to Finland in the summer. Magnus Breitenmoser, 23, has now found happiness in AC Oulu.

The basics in brief

  • AC Oulu recently struggled to get out of his table basement in Finland.
  • The Thun loan from Magnus Breitenmoser plays an important role in this.

Magnus Breitenmoser leaves the den in mid-July FC Thun on loan. The 23-year-old needs more match training, In the Bernese Oberland He only plays infrequently. The former Will and Schaffhausen player seeks a change – and ends up in Finland!

The midfielder performs well at AC Oulu. Breitenmoser is a regular player and even made it to the Team of the Month. asks the former U-Nato player how he settled in the Far North. Why Finland, Magnus Breitenmoser?

Magnus Brettenmoser: What happened happened. I have in FC Thun He didn’t play much and so I looked for a solution with my advisor. The request from Finland sounded exciting and challenging. AC Oulu was in last place at the time. So far things are going well here, I’m really happy and satisfied. And above all, a pleasant surprise. How do you like Finnish football with Premier League to compare?

Magnus Brettenmoser: Top 3 of league can be safe in Premier League Play along. The rest may be on the level Challenge League. Are things going well for you, are you always in the starting lineup?

Magnus Brettenmoser: Yes exactly. Things are going well for me. How high is football in Finland?

Magnus Brettenmoser: It’s hard to say (laughs). Ice hockey is definitely number one here, they have major clubs here. But football should take second place. Our sport is very popular here, as it is spread everywhere in the world. What are the biggest changes in daily life compared to Switzerland?

Magnus Brettenmoser: There are hardly any differences. Standard of living is quite similar, people are friendly. At first they are kinda closed, but when you get to know them, people here open up. How do you live there?

Magnus Brettenmoser: I live and live alone in an apartment. But are there attractive women in Finland?

Magnus Brettenmoser: (laughs) I don’t like blonde women, which is why it’s hard for me here.

new: What about food?

Magnus Brettenmoser: It’s very good here, very tasty. Similar to Switzerland – prices are also high. What do you miss most from home?

Magnus Brettenmoser: Especially family and friends. Then you shouldn’t be completely unhappy, your ex-teammate Denis Salanovic FC Thun Also switched to AC Oulu?

Magnus Brettenmoser: Well, he moved to Finland before me. I’m so glad he’s here too. You don’t live together, but do you spend a lot of time together?

Magnus Brettenmoser: Exactly, we’re often out and about together. How do you communicate in Oulu? Are you learning Finnish yet?

Magnus Brettenmoser: No (laughs), the language is very difficult. We speak English here. Is moving to Ulu an adventure or can you even imagine staying in Finland longer?

Magnus Brettenmoser: The way things are going now, I can imagine doing something similar or even staying here. The club is very good, it looks good for us players. We put together a great team here. I can imagine staying with AC Oulu. If all goes well, we can quickly look at the unpleasant moments in your career. end at FC Well It was so ugly, you were apparently told: “You can clear your closet, we don’t want you anymore”?

Magnus Brettenmoser: Yes, unfortunately that is exactly what happened. Wasn’t that too frustrating for you? After all, your cousin Jan Brettenmusser was Head of Sports and your Uncle Ralph was part of the Sports Committee. Sounds like a strange ending?

Magnus Brettenmoser: It was actually a strange ending in Will. But I am still grateful for what they did for me. But the ending was really unpleasant.

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