Thousands of Haitians continue to cross Panama on their way to the United States – Noticieros Televisa

up to four thousand immigrants, the majority Haitians, lands are crossed Panama After crossing the dangerous stopper of Daren, at the border ColombiaIn an effort to reach the United States, despite strict border measures, two Isthmus government sources told Reuters.

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On Friday, September 24, 2021, thousands immigrants (Most of them come from HaitiThey were kicked out of a huge building border camp between cities from the river, in Texas, and Ciudad Acuña, in Mexico.

had some They are deported airway, while others remain in United State.

At its peak, as many as 15,000 migrants gathered in the makeshift camp. for weeks, Haitians They were fleeing the economic, political and social chaos in their home country, hoping to arrive United State to achieve a better life.

“We now have between 3,500 to 4,000 immigrants A source at the Ministry of Security, who requested anonymity because he was not allowed to testify, said, “There are also Cubans and other nationalities in the group.

Daren’s Gap, the most dangerous and dangerous area in the region Latin america, marks the beginning of the path followed by tens of thousands of immigrants Coming from South America in their quest to reach United State.

Once in Panama, the government provides them with safe passage to Chiriquí, a border region with Costa Rica, where they continue their long journey.

Colombia And Panama He agreed in August that 500 people could cross the isthmus daily, but officials have repeatedly asked for the quota to be increased, saying it is too low to keep up with as many as 1,500. immigrants that arrive daily at Necoclí in northern Colombia.

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Currently, according to the Ombudsman for the People of Panama, Eduardo Lublin, up to 19 thousand immigrants They are on the Colombian-Panama border, hoping to continue their journey north, despite news of a closure camp Enter Mexico And United State.

Panama sees record arrivals of immigrants. The unusual increase is due, in part, to the reopening of borders after the coronavirus pandemic, which left thousands of foreigners stranded in various places when they began the journey.

So far this year PanamaThrough Daren Forest 88 Alpha 514 immigrantsAccording to the data of the National Migration Service. The isthmus went from receiving an average monthly of 800 immigrants in January to 30,000 in August.

With information from Reuters


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