This is the woman who knows the woman who gave Alexa a voice!

This is the first time that this has happened. Amazon reveals the woman who voiced Alexa. The identity of the person who voiced the iconic Amazon assistant Alexa has always been a mystery. Amazon owner Jeff Bezos revealed in an interview with journalist Brad Stone.

The voice is said to be from Colorado-based actress and singer Nina Rowley. Sutton revealed this in a recent tweet. Initially released in 2014, Alexa first used audio only on the Amazon Echo and Amazon Dot smart speaker, but now it can be heard on more than 20,000 devices worldwide.

Although the sound is familiar to users of more than 100 million Alexa devices worldwide, the owners of the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot do not know the name or the face of that voice. Initially, Amazon founder Alexa asked for different votes. Although different voices were chosen to perform different tasks, this was considered impractical. Instead, engineers looked for sound that could rival Google and Apple. This is how Nina Rowley appeared for the first time.

Nina has listed a large number of voiceover clients on her website, including Honda, Chase, Lockheed Martin, Jenny Craig, Turner Classic Movies, and Nationalwide, but she didn’t mention Amazon anywhere.

Last update date 16th May 2021 9:32 PM India Time

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