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Xiaomi continues to advance in wireless charging technology, but it’s not just now Higher speed but who A huge leap in how wireless charging works the way we know it today.

Already full wireless charging

Xiaomi Foot for him New technology for Mi Air Charge wireless over-the-air. Yes, “Air Charge” to charge the smartphone remotely, without the need for cables or charging bases to place it. According to Xiaomi, the key to this technology lies in spatial positioning and energy transmission, aspects that it integrates into its development’s insulated charging stack.

This stack contains five-stage interference antennas, capable of accurately detecting the location of the smartphone in the room, while a phase control array, consisting of 144 antennas, sends millimeter waves to the device. On the smartphone side, Xiaomi has developed a miniature antenna (consisting of an array of 14 antennas) which, in addition to transmitting location information with low power consumption, receives millimeter waves emitted from the battery and It converts it into electrical energy.

Xiaomi’s air charging power is 5W and according to the company, It has a range of several meters It ensures that physical obstructions do not reduce charging capacity. In addition, several devices can be charged simultaneously using this technology, and each has the same power of 5W. In this way, it “turns the science fiction download experience into reality”.

According to Xiaomi, the future is completely wireless and cable-free. The company will integrate its new remote charging technology into its development in devices such as smart watches, lamps and in general in all small home appliances.

Meanwhile, we are getting closer to being able to charge our smartphones at all times, while we use them and without the need for cables or charging rules. As Xiaomi says, Science fiction turned reality.

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