This is a dangerous USB direct access virus and this is how it is eliminated

Shortcut virus, common malware

Although there are many different types of viruses that can infect your computer, the so-called shortcut viruses are an intriguing variety, because they are based on Combine trojan and wormwhich, in some cases, can occur in situations such as memory sticks or USB devices.

In general, as we will see below, this is a type of computer infection which is usually the most common malware infection on computers based on the windows operating system in its various versions.

because if; Memory stick is a Very useful device, which are widely used, for example, by students. It has always been well seen because it allows us to take all our jobs, projects, and documents and then work on them without having to be online. But it is also true that it is very easy for what are known as direct access viruses to infiltrate via USB.

What kind of virus is this?

As we say, the shortcut virus that can be found via USB is a common computer virus that hides your files and files Replace with abbreviations of the same name Archives. By clicking on the shortcuts, the virus replicates itself and infects your hard drive even more.

When the computer, hard drive partition or USB drive is affected by the shortcut virus, all files become shortcuts and the actual data cannot be accessed. The shortcut virus usually enters the drive by executing a file File. exe Contain the virus or using a flash drive on multiple computers.

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At the same time, it has its own favorite characteristics It can be done without us noticingfor example, through exploits, or by tricking us into running them ourselves, for example through any of those shortcuts.

These shortcuts are not accessible and can easily spread the virus just by clicking on these links. Is there a possibility to remove it? Of course, yes, and we can do this in different ways as we will see below.

What are its effects?

In connection with its work, it can be noted that this type of virus can spread through various sources. Well, from one computer to another via flash memory, pen drives, memory cards and even the exchange of Internet or Bluetooth connections. It is worth noting that the most common viruses deal with system infection and virus multiplication by creating unlimited shortcuts.

Thus, it was found from small viruses Even the most complex threats They are basically Trojans, worms, spyware, and ransomware. Thus, each one has its own characteristics and uses different tactics to infect the user.

This combination allows viruses to hide all your files and folders and replace them with shortcuts They are very similar to each other. So, when we double click on one of these fake shortcuts, you end up running malware, malware, which can have different effects. For example, by activating one of them, the virus multiplies further inside your computer, ending with It leads to personal data theftworsening system performance, and other typical side effects of malware.

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We can remove it easily in 3 ways

In general, and beyond their seriousness, if we have Good antivirus system or any security software, is able to detect the direct access virus before it infects our computer. Anyway, at this point, it’s entirely possible that it’s too late, so before that happens we can eliminate it ourselves.

There are several processes that can be followed to ensure that the virus is completely removed from the drive. Easy to operate, it ensures that the result is 100% effective.

Remove USB Shortcut Format

  • Format the USB drive. This is the easiest way to remove USB Shortcut Virus. To do this, simply select File Explorer, go to the drive and select the format. It is fast and efficient.
  • Uses anti virus systems. For users who are facing this problem, having a reliable antivirus will be a relief. With it, your antivirus will not only remove the USB shortcut virus, but also list other viruses it may find.
  • across the Use CMD. We will do this by pressing Windows key + R to access the Run dialog box. Next, we’ll type CMD to get to the command prompt, then name your USB drive and hit enter. In the window window, we will enter the command “ATTRIBUTE -H -R -S AUTORUN.INF”. And we press “Enter” again to remove the virus.

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