This artist studio shows how space can inspire creativity

living in one artist studio – Explains this sculptor Francesco Deluca.

Sculptor Francesco DeLuca plays with the relationship between man and nature in his sculptures. The artist has already exhibited in a variety of places: his works have already been shown in the Guerini Museum in Lodi in Lombardy or in the Fondazione Santa Chiara (also in Lodi). All of his sculptures represent forms of transformation: his slender anthropomorphic sculptures turn into gold leaves, butterflies or coral – a symbol of change par excellence.

This is how the sculptor Francesco Deluca lives in his studio

This variety can also be found in your home. Some of his furniture is on wheels, so the arrangement can be changed very quickly. In short: furniture adapts to life and the times. The voids seem poetic of lightness, emerging from spacers and connections, like light filtering through each little opening.

Glass living room and studio by Diluca.

Francesco Deluca

As a trained architect, Francesco Deluca himself took over the renovation of his art studio in Milan

Francesco DeLuca, who studied architecture, established his new home studio in a former light-flooded factory from the early 1900s in Navigli, Milan. For a long time he was looking for a new studio where he could work and live at the same time: “I wanted a place where I could think and work in peace. Although the atelier is centrally located and in a dynamic and fast-moving city like Milan, it has its own character and is quiet: a place Intimate as I gradually discover my work. I personally designed and reconstructed the entire project. It seemed that doing the renovation myself was faster because I studied architecture and have a great passion for design.”

Part of the house was dedicated to some of Francesco Diluca’s work.

Francesco Deluca

Three questions for sculptor and architect Francesco DeLuca about his art studio in Milan

How does the house represent you as a person?

Francesco Deluca: The building was originally intended to be an open studio. But then I divided the room into different zones so that there is a natural transition between the living area and the studio. My work, my plants, things, everything harmoniously fit into the whole. It is a place of light and stillness – a place that was just waiting for me. The spaces are designed to be work-friendly but still provide a comfortable environment. The open kitchen, whose stone counter is part of the center, is designed for dinner with several friends, because here a joyful atmosphere immediately arises.

What kind of space have you created here for your art?

The room I work in is separated from the living room by four meter high glass walls, downstairs there is storage and a part for me is a kind of exhibition space. The light spreads throughout the room and allows many plants to thrive. I designed and planned many parts of the furniture with the needs of the art studio in mind. Some of the furniture is on wheels, so I can change the entire space in a very short time and use it for a photo shoot or a large-scale work.

Where did you get all this antique furniture?

Over the years I have found many designer pieces. I literally saved them off the street and now have a great selection of chairs. For example, I restored “646 Leggera” by Gio Ponte or “CSKA” by Marcel Breuer. At flea and travel markets, I found lamps by Artemide, Flos, and Murano Due, a filing cabinet and some dressers from the 1960s. To do this, I salvaged six large lights from a landfill.

Kitchen-dining with open shelf as room divider.

Francesco Deluca

Big rooms, lots of light, plants – and lots of seating.

Francesco Deluca

The open kitchen looks through glass panels directly into the studio.

Francesco Deluca

One of the bedrooms is on the upper floor. The cabinet is easy to move thanks to the wheels.

Francesco Deluca

First appeared in AD Italy, Translated by Milene Sophie Zizer.

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