This amazing Netflix cinematic saga is perfect for a weekend getaway with the family

Although spring has arrived, it is still not possible for many of us to spend our weekends outdoors. Due to epidemiological restrictions, we are forced to restrict our social lives and spend a lot of time indoors.

We often look for things to do to fill the long time we spend at home. Always the right choice is to organize a movie marathon.

In this article, we saw a movie that could make indoor afternoons fun at home, but today we want to talk about the fact that this amazing Netflix movie saga is perfect for a weekend with the family.

One of the most classic of heroes

Today we want to recommend a very popular series that has made generations of fans fall in love and still be able to entertain young and old. A series of action films hides a deep political message

We are talking about Rambo, the legendary saga in which the American actor sees it Sylvester Stallone As a rebel rebel expert in martial arts and unbeatable in combat.

Now all the movies in the saga are available on Netflix. We can then watch the series’ five films from first to last this weekend. From the first movie, which takes place in the American mountains and is slower, to the second in which the hero takes revenge for the violations he suffered. Then the third and fourth, as Rambo travels to Afghanistan and Vietnam to fight wars that are not his.

This amazing Netflix cinematic saga is perfect for a weekend getaway with the family

Rambo is a captivating and light film, but it hides the deep messages that adults and children love, and is perfect for watching with the family.

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If we are looking for a movie that could accompany our weekend, we could consider watching the Rambo series, which could entertain us on a movie long weekend.

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