They were burned to avoid wind turbines

Thursday August 12 2021, 00:01

How would you feel if we took the story that some people burned Evia to turn wind turbines upside down?

Suppose, for example, that some people set fires in Evia in order not to enter the wind turbines.

Most of those who claim that the fires came for wind turbines, talk about interests and if you force them a bit into a conversation, they also throw up names.

Some belong to the group of “sanofags” who chew this herb, serve and tear it up in discussions. Individuals regardless of education, occupation and party choice.

Of course, not all of them are like this. There are many who are neither ignorant nor naive. They know that one way to undermine such an investment is to set fire to the approved site. The Director of Environmental Policy at WWF Greece, Ms. Theodota Nantso, explains these matters so that everyone can understand them. In the case of a burning region, even approved licenses are difficult, while there is no reason to have new licenses.

So if someone has the right to say the fires were started by those who wanted wind turbines, then someone else clearly has the right to claim that they were started by those who didn’t want the wind turbines.

We know for sure that wind turbines are not required by many residents, many city councils for areas that have been burned for example, and wrote in their 15-day resolutions that we must stop them…in any way.

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Seeing the utter devastation, even the fleeting thought that someone could become on fire in their place and in their life because… they don’t like wind turbines seems completely ridiculous. And hate and think if we are talking about a local and elected master who does not like wind turbines.

“Does it help them?” So – according to the basic question asked by our ancient ancestors – if Greece had no wind turbines and stayed in the traditional forms of energy?

“Does it help them?” Demonization of clean energy forms by reducing them as “enemies” of forests and local communities?

Europe and Greece’s goal of going green and changing the energy production paradigm is one with a strong ecological footprint, and a requirement for saving forests. What is left of us.

Do not hide behind your finger, this turn of business brings both profits and losses. Usually the loser is more determined to cancel or mitigate his loss. With the help of several “demons’ advocates”. With innovative arguments. For example, to remove the suspicion that fires are coming because they serve significant private interests, the government should pass legislation that no wind turbines or other power installations should be in forests. This, forgive me, but it’s not a “flaming” or resident request.

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