They threw Paradil on a plane after he returned from a conference in Australia

Secretary General Sotiba, Roberto Paradelshe was scratched during the trip From Australia Where the trade union guru went to participate in the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) Congress held in Melbourne.

Although Paradel was accused of going to Miami, the unionist came out to gruffly explain that it was a flight to Australia via LATAM Airlines: “Once again, they choose to lie and use trolls to amplify hate and blind people. Returning from this ITUC conference held in Australia The lady inventor scolded me that she came from MiamiThe place I’ve never been to. Fortunately, the citizens invited her to think.

Video: They scolded Roberto Paradelle and took a woman’s cell phone so she wouldn’t be photographed

Bardel responded after being reprimanded by a woman on a plane

From his Twitter account, Sutepa’s general secretary showed the photo he took of the passenger who berated him and also shared the airline tickets he took from Sydney, Australia, to the stopover in Santiago de Chile and then back to Argentina.

“I’m going to do that Interview complaint to check if it is part of Serial Scrambler funded by the authority“Progress.

Video: They scolded Roberto Paradelle and took a woman’s cell phone so she wouldn’t be photographed

In the video that went viral on social media, you can see cold He takes his seat when the woman begins to film him. The only person with a chin strap says the man and woman: “How great, the chin strap is not mandatory anymore. Would you take care of yourself with a chin strap?” He continued, “Congress unionists, look how lucky they are. How many are in Congress?”

Upload Bradl to Twitter Post Scramble. Twitter: @RobiBaradel

Scrash to Bardel: “This is Harassment”

Within this framework, the CTA-T Training Secretary, Yamel SokolovskyHe was also in Congress and came out to Bardel’s defense while the woman was filming him: “This is bullying. what is your problem?”.

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“Nothing, because this man is in public. No, this is not harassment,” the woman said as Bardel pulled out her cell phone to photograph her. The lady replied: “My pictures”. Another man responded in defense of the unionist: “He doesn’t want to portray my lady, I want to be famous.”

on the website of United Union of Education Workers of Buenos Aires (Suteba) It was reported that a delegation from CTA-T participated in the Fifth Congress of the International Trade Union Confederation. About 1,000 trade unionists from 120 countries participated in the event, which took place from November 17 to Tuesday, November 22.


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