They recover an abandoned woman in Darien (+ video)

The woman is a citizen of Ivory Coast.

A woman was rescued in the Darien area after her guides abandoned her mid-flight, 800 Noticias reported.

Many Venezuelans captured the moment they helped her. It seems that the abandonment of people occurs for health reasons, and this will be one of those cases.

The video shows how four Venezuelan migrants improvise a stretcher and carry the woman from Ivory Coast.

Venezuelan journalist Roberto Bermúdez posted on social networks the moment the Venezuelan expresses his journey in tears. “Here we are, helping people, something that others don’t (…) Only Venezuelans do this, and that makes me want to keep going. We’ll take her alive, we’ll fight and we’ll help her.”

The Darien Forest is the site through which migrants cross the border separating Colombia and Panama.

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