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An unusual event occurred in Paraguaywhen the soccer team was on its way to the match, He encountered a road blockage due to a truck driver being stopped.

according to rescue ClarionEvent has been registered Last Thursday when “May 2” was forbidden He was traveling to Asuncion to meet Rubio No. The duel is valid for the second division of Paraguay football.

however, Halfway, at Junction 6000 Guayapi, in Defenses del Chaco, San Pedro, a blow to truck drivers left players stranded.

protesters They only allowed small vehicles to passHowever, the delegation insisted that they be allowed to pass, arguing that they had to play the game.

Truck drivers agreed, but with one condition: Penalty kicks. If the players win, they pass, and if the truckers win, they don’t pass.

There was no choice but to accept the challenge, and halfway there was an impromptu football field, and the trucks’ lights helped get better lighting.

Finally, the players ended up winning the definition on penalties and were able to cross to continue to reach their destination.

The incident was recorded in a video that went viral on social media.

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