They fined Bolsonaro’s party $1 million for demanding that the election be annulled international

The Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) imposed a fine of $4.3 million on the Brazilian Liberal Party, of which Jair Bolsonaro was a member of the military, for demanding that the recent presidential elections be annulled, considering that he initiated the litigation “in bad faith.” “.

Liberal Party (PL), formation Jair BolsonaroA fine of 22.9 million riyals (about 4.3 million dollars) will be paid for requesting annulment of the presidential elections last October, according to a decision by the Supreme Court for Elections issued on Wednesday.

The fine was issued by a decision of the head of the highest electoral authority, Alexandre de Moraes, after the Bolsonaro party’s request was rejected, indicating that the process of formation was A “litigation in bad faith.”

The suit, brought by Hizb ut-Tahrir, which endorsed the far-right leader’s candidacy for re-election, questioned 61% of the electronic ballot boxes used in the second round of the election, which took place on October 30.

Upon request, The Supreme Electoral Court responded that it could only analyze the matter if doubts were raised regarding electronic ballot boxes during the first round, Because in both cases the same devices were used.

The legislative elections were also held in that first round, in which Hizb ut-Tahrir won 99 deputies, giving it the first minority in the House of Representatives, starting next year.

This Wednesday, the formation admitted that in the first round of the elections it did not find “problems” in the polling stations, but confirmed that it was there in the second round and insisted on “checking” the votes that gave Luis Inacio Lula’s victory. Da Silva.

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According to the head of TSE, The petition contains no indication that a portion of the polls should be re-evaluated.

“The plaintiff’s total bad faith in its extravagant and unlawful application, which on the surface appeared to be offensive to the democratic rule of law and was carried out in an unreasonable manner for the purpose of Encouraging criminal and anti-democratic movements (…) It has been proven, both by the refusal to add the initial petition, as well as by the complete absence of indications of wrongdoing and the existence of a completely falsified version of the facts,” the judge said in his decision.

In the second presidential round, Lula won with 50.9% of the vote, compared to 49.1% received by Bolsonaro, in a process sanctioned and recognized for transparency by all national and international observation missions that participated.

Given the order of the highest electoral authority, the PL announced that it has already activated its legal advisors to analyze the decision of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal.

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