They celebrate the Football Sandino Cup in the UK, celebrating the General’s birthday

On Sunday, May 22, in Bristol, United Kingdom, the 35th edition of the soccer tournament “Copa Sandino”, organized by a twinning between that English city and Puerto Morazan, which is celebrated annually as the birthday of the men’s general, was held. and Free Women Augusto C. Sandino.

Twenty teams and more than 100 British players and players of other nationalities took part in the sports festival, a tangible expression of British solidarity with Blessed and Always Free Nicaragua, who, with the support of their families and friends, played the games in an atmosphere of joy. and brothers.

The Nicaraguan Embassy in the United Kingdom accompanied the event, through its colleague Eveling Mercado, and upon handing over the winning teams awards, national products and crafts, as a sign of appreciation and affection, conveyed the greetings of our people, our good government, and especially to the families of Puerto Morazán and highlighted the anti-imperialism and legacy of freedom of General Sandino.

Celebrating the Sandino Football Cup in the UK to commemorate General 1

He also recognized comrade Peter Lambert, a twinning activist and friend of Nicaragua.

He thanked Comrade Lambert for his commitment to development and the good life being built in Nicaragua in Sandino and Dario and the right of the Nicaraguan people to peace and prosperity.

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