These four things are more important to success than intelligence

Psychologist Angela Duckworth believes that intelligence is not very important to success, but that it is something completely different and unexpected, and calls it “toughness.”

She spent years studying people and discovered that the old adage – hard work will always win talent if we don’t work on it – true.

“It is this combination of passion and perseverance that makes successful people successful. In other words, they had cruelty.”

In addition to perseverance and hard work, passion and a journey to success are just as important.

“Even though today’s successful people had to do some things that were boring, frustrating, and even painful, they never thought to give up. Their passion was stronger. Talent actually indicates how quickly our skills improve when we put a certain amount of effort into them. “Success comes when you take and use your innate skills,” Duckworth explains.

In fact, she believes that hard work is twice as important as talent and skill.

“I think a lot of people use the word genius for someone who has a much greater intellectual talent than most people in this field – be it mathematics, music, or anything else. Because of this innate ability, it will cast a shadow over most of us.” I want to introduce genius to It is an achievement that was not achieved without any effort, but as something we deserve, no matter how much we deserve it, it is something that you achieved on your own and did not get it, “she says.

However, how can we become strong?

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Duckworth says that strong people have four traits in abundance – benefit, exercise, purpose, and hope.

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