These are the most dangerous vulnerabilities hidden in smartphones

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Expert Daniel Chernov explained that mobile applications and open Wi-Fi can make smartphones vulnerable because the former can process personal data and access internal files, camera and voice recorders, while the latter can expose them to easy access. How do you protect your data?

“The most dangerous vulnerability is the one that threatens the channel of information transmission from the user’s device to the developer’s server. Application. “A successful attack is possible if this data is not encrypted and it is not verified that the server or application are in fact the objects between which the interaction should take place,” he said.

expert warned For the main agency that when the user contacts open wifi There is a risk of having a file man in the middle (intermediary) between the server and the application on the user’s device, exposing the phone to information leakage.

“The intruder becomes an intermediary in the transmission of information and depending on the purpose of Application, the user risks losing personal and financial data and even making a wrong transaction. If you need to enter a banking application or other software that processes valuable information, you should not connect to a public Wi-Fi network,” Chernov recommended.

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He added that with these weaknesses, pirates Use malicious code to exploit.

Consequences for the user can vary: from data interception and extortion or the sale of information on the Darknet to full control of the device and taking actions on behalf of the victim. You can see if the device has Malware from performance degradation, lag, or rapid battery drain.”

Chernov recommended setting up automatic updates for the application and operating system, and when installing programs, granting access only to the resources necessary to perform their functions. Also, Android users should use antivirus software, download apps only from Google Play, and download files only from safe sources.

Nokia 3310 devices on display after their presentation ceremony at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​Spain, February 26, 2017. - Sputnik Mundo, 1920, 08.08.2021

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