SpaceX Starship, let’s get ready for 2022 full of launches! Elon Musk’s word

In recent months, we have been constantly following all Starbase related developments and new Mechazilla launch tower, that of the spacecraft, flower for the eye SpaceX And the flagship model of the company, on which all attention is focused.

The reasons are many, because if the Starship can be used on the one hand Also as the home of the next moon landingOn the other hand, it is an integral part of The Mars colonization program that Musk wants to implement, as well as an essential way to start An advanced form of space tourism. Together with the first stage of the Super Heavy, which is currently in development in the hangars of SpaceX, it will form A 120-meter-high stack capable of overpowering the massive Saturn V rocket NASA.

In the past few days we finally have Witnessed the first ignition of the six Raptor engines Which will be used in the first orbital test, a pyrotechnic display with great visual impact, but is again being conducted on Earth, reopening hopes towards achieving a real flight test within a short time. But again it’s Elon Musk’s words to clarify (or almost…) during the virtual meeting with the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, which took place on Wednesday. Elon’s intervention made it clear once and for all We won’t see any orbital launch in 2021, but the following year will be full of news that will pay off..

SpaceX CEO confirmed that several static tests will be conducted in December and The first orbital launch will not take place before January 2022So we cannot rule out further delays in the roadmap. It will be a very important test for Starship and SpaceX has already thought about a possible failure, but whatever happens this will allow us to collect data and work on improving the project’s weaknesses.

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From the words of Elon Musk, it is also clear that 2022 will be really intense, because the first orbital test will only be the beginning of a long series of tests, similar to what happened in the first half of 2021 at high altitude. Prototype tests. There is talk of dozens of test flights, and if all goes well in 2023, real commercial service could begin sending the first payloads into space.

But let’s go back to the present, as the result of the Starbase Environmental Assessment by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) is still missing, It’s still in progress as mentioned some time ago, a process that must be completed by the end of the year. So it is reasonable to think in the early months of 2022 for the first major test, which will see the spacecraft exit Starbase.

Regarding the first orbital test sequence, we know that after the Super Heavy first stage separates, it will burn the boost with water flowing about 20 miles off the Texas coast. The SN20 spacecraft will rise approximately 200 kilometers to re-enter the atmosphere over the Pacific Ocean and eventually land about 100 kilometers northwest of Hawaii. We suggest closing Elon Musk’s intervention during the virtual meeting with the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, good vision.

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