These are the most boring jobs that pay good money

The study measured the quality of life of 500 volunteers in Essex (southern England), and investigated the matter Your job, salary, and social relationshipsin detail interested in trade.

Factors such as mental health, relationship with the community, and daily activities were taken into account to create a list 5 most boring jobs that pay the best And the 5 most exciting that do not pay well.

According to the University of Essex Index, The most boring and well-paid jobs are: Data analysis, accounting, tax collection, insurance agent and banking functions. (see also: 8 things that will make your team perform much better from home).

On the other hand, there are jobs that are, by their nature, exciting activities, but that Sometimes they don’t get paid well as you like.

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here they are: Performing arts, sciences, journalism, health professionals, and educatorsDetails of the study cited by that specialized medium.

“Perceptions can change, but people may not take the time to talk to those who have boring jobs and hobbies, choosing instead to avoid them,” Wijnand van Tilburg, a professor in the Department of Psychology at New York University, told the portal. Essex and co-author of the study.

The study was conducted in the English county of Essex:

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