Google Chrome beta 93 introduces new and fundamental changes to this beloved browser

Google Chrome beta 93 has been updated and brings a series of very interesting changes that can be appreciated. The latest beta version, namely 93, tests a series of innovations for the same browser interface that were already introduced in version 91, starting with the news about opening a new tab while browsing.

Google Chrome Beta 93: News and Changes

From now on, with the update to version 93, comes Discover the special summary By default, but at the same time a shortcut has been included that allows you to do so Open a new tab next to the address bar, As we’ve already seen in a kind of experiment that started with Chrome version 92.

Google Chrome Beta 93: How New!
Google Chrome Beta 93: How New! the details

GOOGLE CHROME BETA VERSION 93, MANY NEWS AND CHANGES: We explain everything in detail

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News and changes to . have also been announced Desktop version of the same beta as Google Chrome 93, “Updates” that can be tested in preview for those enrolled in the program, before being published in the “final” version. through a New GPS API for WindowsChrome will make life easier for developers, especially managing presentations when connected to a secondary screen. In addition, developers will be able to Draw controls on the top bars From the web version application. A functionality that Big G programmers especially appreciated so much that it should become stable with the release of Chrome 94.

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Google puts on the board, once again for developers, all the tools needed to simplify Two-factor documentation Through one-time codes, the so-called OTP, by being able to easily paste the codes received in SMS messages with your smartphone to your desktop, where sites support them, even if these types of messages are clearly not the most secure way when it comes to Two-factor authentication command. Finally, for the big news for Google Chrome beta 93, what’s up The first material you design for Android 12. Going to the settings, in fact, it will be possible to notice a slight difference in the main color of the background of the upper bar, both tabs, which will be more rounded. We remind you that the respective Big G Browser beta will be the last to be released with six-week cycles, with new releases arriving with version 94 every four weeks.

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