There are no blacks in the Houston Astros and the Phillies in the World Championships

Influenced by the trend: Houston Astros Baker Jr. manager
Photo: AFP

‘I’m ashamed of the game’: Since 1981, the number of US-born black players in MLB professional baseball has steadily declined. what is the reason?

eThere are few better witnesses to the past few decades in American professional baseball than Johnny Baker Jr. When he was born in California in 1949, the league had just accepted its first black player, Jackie Robinson. It slowly but continually began to reduce the systematic discrimination against African Americans that had been practiced until then.

When one of their pioneers, Hank Aaron, hit the home race in April 1974 making him the all-time leaderboard and overtaking white legend Babe Ruth, Baker lived the moment firsthand as his Atlanta Braves teammate. Nearby areas. Baker has reached the final series, the so-called World Series, four times and won the title once: in 1981 with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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