The way to school and so far Opherdicker Strasse doesn’t make any space for bikes

The school centre, Dudenroth Primary School, Community Library, Karl-Brauckmann-Förderschule – they are all on Opherdicker Straße or nearby. And it’s not as if the road wasn’t part of transportation policy discussions in the past. It would certainly be an asset to many kids on their way to school if Opherdicker Strasse was re-purposed as Holzwickede’s first bike street. Alone: ​​Residents are not expected to play here.

There is also parking along the relatively wide street. This is also required in terms of Tempo 30: parked cars ensure that traffic slows each other down. Whether the street is intended as a long-term parking space for trailers, for example, as can be seen in front of the school center – remains to be seen.

Make a bike street out of Opherdicker Straße: That’s not what the local ADFC is asking for. However, it is possible that the administration and policy are concerned about how to regulate traffic in the section between Friedhofstrasse and Massener Strasse.

The connection to the cycle path parallel to the Massener Straße is offset by the Opherdicker Straße – not optimal, especially because there are no crossing aids. © Grace © Grace

In the direction of Massener Straße it becomes uncomfortable for cyclists

“There is no longer a bike path or cycle path in the direction of Massener Straße. There you have to drive on the street in intersection areas. Parked cars can make this dangerous,” said ADF specialist Rainer Wurtmann. Space and visibility will be restricted here. .

The transition of cyclists from Opherdicker Straße to the separate cycle path along Massener Straße is another danger. “Cyclists have to drive diagonally across the intersection or along the road for a while to the bike path. This is not good, especially since children also use the section to get to school,” Grandfather says five times. Especially since there are no transit aids along Massener Straße that can send signals to motorists and their colleagues. Cyclists can be expected to cross here.

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For cyclists, it is possible to pass through the red and white turn barriers to the extension of Kirchstraße and thus reach the said cycle path at the intersection area of ​​Holzwickeder Straße. But: to do this, you have to switch from the street to a narrow sidewalk on Opherdicker Straße and it is not uncommon to block access to the described connection.

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