The ventilator is a pre-screening program

New Delhi: A new program is being developed in India to identify those who need a ventilator and an intensive care unit among COVID-19 victims. It has been dubbed the “Covid Severity Score”. Helps provide timely treatment to victims and save lives ahead of health concerns. This program has an algorithm. It takes into account the patient’s symptoms, signs, major criteria, health test results and other diseases. Analyze it and give Kovid Intensity Score (CSS). Based on this, ventilator support, intensive care unit and others identify those who need services in advance. It guides you to make arrangements for this limit. This will reduce the number of people who do not need emergency medical care. Which leads to an increase in the availability of beds in hospitals. The program was developed by the Health Innovation Foundation of Kolkata with the support of Science for Equity, Empowerment and Development (SEED) under the auspices of the Union Ministry of Science and Technology. It is being used in three Covid care centers in Kolkata. The center said the technology was made available in primary care e-health clinics under the “Seeds” project. Frontline health workers have been trained to record patients’ health details on a computer science tablet.

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