The US Pentagon cancels the border wall projects with Mexico

Washington, DC /

On Friday, the Pentagon announced the cancellation of all border wall construction projects between the United States and Mexico that were funded with military funds.

Former US President Donald Trump has ordered billions of dollars from the Pentagon budget to pay for the wall after Congress refused to fund it. Biden They have declared a halt to the construction of the wall After taking office in January.

According to the president’s announcement, Department of Defense Cancellation of all construction projects From the border checkpoint I paid money that was originally intended for other military missions, “said his deputy spokesperson, Jamal Brown.

Brown said the returned funds would be used for the deferred military construction projects. It was not immediately clear how much would be returned to the army, but it was likely several billion dollars.

He added that the Pentagon “has begun to take all necessary measures” to put an end to these projects. Trump launched his presidential campaign in 2015 with a commitment to build a wall along the border with Mexico, indicating that he would make himself pay for it.

The government of Mexico rejected it, and the House of Representatives rejected it after the Democrats took control in 2018, after the midterm elections. Trump eventually bypassed Congress and Head straight to the Pentagon lockersForcing him to allocate billions of dollars to the project.


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