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Elected President Joe Biden The decision to select several House Democratic members of the House of Representatives for management positions is the status of the Speaker Nancy Pelosi In a politically difficult position, having shed the party’s already weak majority and left it without enough votes to pass its legislative agenda.

The Democrats were already heading to the new Congress with A. Razor thin fringe On the Republicans. But Biden offered to the third deputy, deputy. Deep Haaland, DN.M. , Basim Made history the first Native American Secretary of the InteriorHe unleashed a new round of painful conversations about what to do. Pelosi will start the Biden era with a slim majority, 222-211, with some races still unresolved.

But Pelosi’s leadership team has a plan.

“We need to manage something like this,” MP. James Cleburn From South Carolina, the Democratic Whip and a prominent Biden ally, he said in an interview with The Associated Press this week.

According to Kleburn, one emerging strategy is to streamline confirmations: Biden will officially delay submitting the nominations once so that House numbers do not immediately drop.

Under the plan, the timing will be revealed during the first several months of a new Congress, with more time for the House of Representatives to pass the 100-day agenda, a typically important but symbolic legislative race that takes on a new significance in line with the Biden presidency.

Biden’s first selection from the House of Representatives. Cedric RichmondD-No. “He will join the administration quickly once the president-elect is inaugurated on January 20,” Claiborne said. Richmond is preparing to become a senior chancellor, a position that does not require confirmation from the Senate.

Biden was then waiting to present the other two candidates, Haaland and Representative Marsha Fudge, Democrat of Ohio, who had been appointed as housing secretary, until after the March special election in Louisiana for the Richmond seat.

Legislators can stay in the House, and vote as members, until confirmed by the Senate. Their nominations can be submitted one by one in the following months.

“Just turn it on,” said Claiborne.

The House of Representatives’ three seats are in Democratic strongholds and are expected to be banned Republicans. But special elections can take turns, and alternating timing will give campaigns ample room to run to support candidates and races.

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