The US Army plans to spend up to $22 billion on HoloLens. Its usefulness is still questionable

A year ago, Microsoft announced that Signed a contract worth $21.900 million with the United States Army. They will equip them with their own augmented reality glasses, HoloLens 2 for military applications.

Now government officials warn that this money could be lost if soldiers decide to do so They don’t compensate or they can’t use them properly. Initial tests and their final implementation have been delayed, and doubts about the project are sensitive.

Let’s talk about night vision goggles

In 2018 the US Army invest $480 million on 100,000 prototypes Augmented reality glasses from Redmond. Project IVAS (Integrated Optical Zoom System) ended up expanding, and Army officials reached a deal worth $21.9 billion over ten years.

At the end of the publication of this preliminary test it is late By the end of 2022, now the Department of Defense Office of Inspector General (OIG) expressed doubts about the project.

at recent reportanalysts that office shown That “obtaining IVAS without obtaining the consent of users can be wasteful That amounts to $21.9 billion in taxpayer money to put in place a system that soldiers may or may not want to use as intended.

Soldiers’ opinions about these prototypes were not disclosed in that report, but the document made it clear that “if soldiers dislike IVAS and do not find it significantly improves their mission, Soldiers will not use it“.

Douglas Bush, one of those responsible for acquiring technology for the Army, disagreed with the OIG and explained that $21.9 billion is the maximum possible expense, but that’s actually “Less than half is what you can spend U.S. military “.

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He also noted that a soldier’s consent is not necessary to verify the use of IVAS. He gave night vision goggles as an example. Released in the ’70s, soldiers didn’t like it either at first. They ended up adapting to them and creating tactics to take advantage of them to their fullest potential. It’s now a widely adopted item in the military, so it may be too early to ignore the usefulness of augmented reality glasses.

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