The Universe of Quizzes: How’s the new Netflix interactive game?

Grab the remote control and arm yourself with patience and speed: only then can you beat TriviaMaster!

universe of tests is the new interactive experience of Netflix. Quick quizzes on various topics, three rounds of 1 minute each: the challenge is to answer as many questions as possible and unlock the different levels to advance. Obviously, the further you go, the higher the difficulty.

The streaming giant is certainly not new to products that make interaction centered: da Jurassic The World: An Interactive Mission to me Barbie’s epic road tripFrom Run away from Undertaker to me emptiness: Relaxed mindThere are many Netflix products that allow the viewer to decide which turns the story should take.

Jurassic Park: New Adventures is a Netflix animated series set around the world created by Spielberg!

universe of tests However, it fits in the same vein as Trivia Quest: timed quests, which test the culture of the viewer and his quick reactions, in a game that, if at first glance seems like an end in itself, once experienced shows its amazing appeal by being able to hold it for some time.

Strange address: Which immediately brings to mind Trivial Pursuit, a very popular board game based on general culture questions, but also for any kind of test in a general way. But exactly what does that mean?

Centuries ago, the lower liberal arts were the frivolous (liberal arts, in Latin), then Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric. The liberal arts indicated the greater part of the subjects to be taught in second-class studies in the Middle Ages: this was because the three subjects of basic education were basic to higher education, and therefore necessary for those who wanted to continue their studies. That’s why they calledtrivial‘, and thus not in the sense we give to the term today but in the sense of ‘known to all“.

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If we search in the encyclopedia, silly things Dating back to Roman mythology, it was the word that appealed to the three goddesses, Diana, Hecate, and Luna. Other interpretations instead ascribe to the name Trivia defining the threefold nature of the same divinity, represented in heaven as the Moon, on earth as Diana and in hell Hecate (or Proserpina). Also in ancient Rome, in harmonic literature, is a term used by Virgil and Ovid, respectively instubborn and in the shift: Dante Alighieri uses it in his Divine Comedy as a synonym for the moon. But why the moon? Because it moves in three ways: in height, width and length. Likewise, in Rome too, trivia was a reference to a place where three roads meet.

From here it is now necessary to move to the year 1970, when nostalgic college students began to informally exchange questions and answers about the popular culture of their youth, which in fact should be known to all: it is precisely the first form of this game, which Normalized, called Trivia, in a column of Columbia Daily Spectator It was published on February 5, 1965. Trivia pluralism has since expanded to include non-essential concepts related to the knowledge of ordinary people.

On the other hand, if we look at the other classification of forms of interaction on platforms, after the experience of Netflix with video games Life is strangehe is black mirror The first interactive series with the episode Bandersnatch: A science fiction show about the social causes that technology unleashes on people.

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Here are the five possible solutions to Bandersnatch!

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