The United States would like to ban the trademark again

Honor He may find himself in trouble again. The brand has effectively separated itself from Huawei to avoid suffering the consequences of being associated with this company, yet it may still suffer from them for now. According to the Washington Post, in fact, security agencies in the United States want to return Entity List.

At the moment it seems that the internal bodies are at odds. For example, file pentagonal They’d like to do it without taking his eyes off while Ministry of Commerce On the side of the State Department, they seem to be against it. The reason for these concerns is that Honor is still associated with the Chinese country, which has led us to be careful Huawei. Following this logic, it will be obvious that this brand is included in the above list.

Honor without Huawei, but still in trouble

Specifically, Honor is currently owned by Zhixin New Information Technology, which is specifically managed by two investors. The problem is that the latter is supported by central state Chinese starting with the local government in Zhenzhen, the official headquarters of the brand. This is the main reason why the name is requested to be put on the list.

Entities that do not want to go forward in this sense against honor are instead talking about something else. In fact, the company does not have the weight that Huawei and in general Do not sell devices in the US. Putting the brand on the list will only hurt any US company that wants to do business with it and it won’t hurt China at all.

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