Paso Adelante and Lots of Nostalgia, Spanish Series Arrives on Netflix (Currently in Spain Only)

In these hours, there’s a lot of talk about the arrival of all episodes of Paso Adelante on Netflix starting October 1st. The news was certainly confirmed for subscribers of the platform in Spain, but not yet confirmed for Italy. The Spanish series premiered in 2002, and has more than 80 episodes.

Nostalgia is a constant temptation in the lives of many, and television, more often than not, is what acts as an outlet for this need. from October 1 Television fans of the early 2000s, or at least those who grew up in those years, will be able to enjoy access to Netflix on Netflix step forward, the Spanish series that became a true cult, landed in Italy in Italy 1 a year after it debuted in Spain.

The news of Paso Adelante arriving on Netflix is Definitely emphasized to Spanish viewers, as announced by some of the series’ heroes, but the same does not apply to Italian subscribers. At the moment, in fact, there are no official announcements from Netflix Italy regarding the entry of the Spanish series into the Italian catalog.

The De Paso Adelante Conspiracy

For those who don’t remember Paso Adelante’s plot, it is a series centered around the personal and professional events of a group of girls and boys who aspire to enter the world of entertainment by attending the world’s most famous dance and acting school. Madrid. Among them are Lula Fernandez, Pedro Salvador, Roberto Arenales, Ingrid Muñoz, Silvia Jorgui, Marta Ramos and Giroud Guiz. The reference point for all the characters is Carmen Aranz, school principal, former stage actress, with a stern but very wise character. No less important are the various teachers who inhabit the school, whose special events intersect with the relationship with the students of the Academy.

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When it first aired

Paso Adelante was first broadcast on January 8, 2002 and ended on April 24, 2005 on the Spanish channel Antena 3. Created by Daniel Esciga, Ernesto Pozuelo and Pilar Nadal, a total of 84 episodes aired in Spain. However, it did arrive in Italy a year after its release and put it into space in the early afternoon, for a total of 173 episodes.

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