The United States will distribute monkeypox vaccines to the most vulnerable populations

The United States plans to distribute vaccines from monkey pox And medical treatment for close contacts of infected people, when there are already five confirmed or probable cases in that country where the outbreak appears to be increasing, officials said Monday.

There is only one confirmed case in the United States, in Massachusettsand four other cases of orthopoxviruses — from the same family as monkeypox — according to officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

It assumes everything suspected cases monkey poxIt is being confirmed at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s headquarters, said Jennifer McQuiston, deputy director of the Division of Pathogens and High Consequences of Diseases.

One of the cases with Orthopoxvirus One in New York, one in Florida, and the remaining two in Utah. all men.

The genetic sequence of the Massachusetts case matches that of a patient in Portugal who belongs to a West African strain, the least aggressive of the two extant monkeypox strains.

“Now we hope to maximize the distribution of vaccines to those we know can benefit from them,” McKeston said.

This means, “People who have been in contact with a monkeypox patient, health workers and their closest contacts, particularly those who may be at risk of developing severe disease.”

Increased risk of suppressing the immune system

In terms of supply, the United States has about 1,000 doses of compound JYNNEOS, the FDA-approved vaccine for smallpox and smallpox. monkey pox “This level is expected to rise rapidly in the coming weeks as the company supplies us with more doses,” McQuiston explained.

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There are also about 100 million doses of a previous generation vaccine called ACAM2000.

Both vaccines use live virus, but only JYNNEOS suppresses the virus’s ability to replicate, making it a safer option, according to McKeston.

John Brooks, a medical epidemiologist, added that people who are immunocompromised or who have certain skin conditions, including eczema, are at high risk.

The transfer files monkey pox It occurs through close and continuous contact with a person who has an active rash, or by respiratory droplets from a person who has pathological lesions in his mouth and has been near other people for a long time.

The virus can cause a rash, with lesions appearing in certain parts of the body, or spread more generally. In some cases, in the early stages, a rash may begin on the genitals or in the area around the anus.

While scientists are concerned about the growing number of cases around the world potentially pointing to a new type of transmission, McCuston said there is currently no evidence to support such a theory.

Alternatively, the increased number of cases could be related to some specific contagion event, such as the recent mass parties in Europe that could explain the higher prevalence in the LGBT community.

However, Brooks warns that “the current risk of exposure to monkeypox is not unique” to this community.

The Center for Disease Control They are also developing treatment guidelines to enable dissemination of the antivirals tecovirimat and brincidofovir, both of which are licensed to treat smallpox.


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