The United States returns to the Paris Agreement. He promises climate action

The United States has officially returned to Paris Agreement On the climate, with President Joe Biden’s administration promising to make fighting global warming a top priority.

“We can no longer delay or do the bare minimum to tackle climate change. This is a global existential crisis. We will all suffer the consequences.”

A month after Biden took office, the United States – the world’s first economy and second largest emitter of carbon – It was again part of the 2015 global agreement to counter the dangerous increase in temperatures on the planet.

This return means that the Paris Agreement It includes again practically every country in the worldAfter Biden’s predecessor, Donald TrumpShe abandoned the agreement, arguing that it was unfair to the greater authority.

In a speech he delivered at the Munich Security Conference, Biden called on European countries to redouble their commitments to combat climate change.

“We can no longer delay or do the minimum to address climate change,” he said. “This is a global existential crisis. We will all suffer the consequences.”

“We welcome the return,” Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken said in a statement.Climate change and science diplomacy can never be “added” again to our foreign policy discussions“.

“Addressing the real threats of climate change and listening to our scientists is central to our national and foreign policy priorities. It is vital in our discussions on national security, immigration, international health efforts, and in trade and diplomatic negotiations. Economically.”

Praising the Paris Agreement, negotiated by former President Barack Obama, Blinken said that future climate diplomacy will be crucial.


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