The United States is renewing its “alliance” with Al Arabiya in the face of the Houthi attacks

The United States reaffirmed its “strategic defense alliance” with Saudi Arabia, in the context of the proliferation of attacks on the Kingdom by the Iranian-backed Yemeni Houthi rebels.

Defense Minister Lloyd Austin condemned the attacks in a phone call with his Saudi counterpart, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, according to the official Saudi Press Agency and the Pentagon statement.

This conversation comes after US President Joe Biden announced his desire to “re-evaluate” the relationship with Saudi Arabia and that he will now communicate with King Salman instead of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the preferred interlocutor in Riyadh for his predecessor, Donald Trump.

Austin, who wanted to “reaffirm the strategic defense alliance” between the two countries, condemned the recent border attacks launched by the Houthis against Saudi Arabia, and expressed his commitment to support the kingdom in defending its borders.

The Houthi rebels have stepped up their drone and missile attacks on Saudi Arabia in recent weeks, as they continue their offensive to seize the last stronghold in Yemen-controlled northern Yemen, which the Saudi-led coalition has supported since 2015.

Biden also announced, after his arrival at the White House, the end of US support for the Saudi military campaign on Yemen, indicating that it had unleashed a “humanitarian and strategic disaster.”

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