Choose El Salvador will have a camp in the United States

savior Not taken in a bad way CONCACAF QualifiersBut that does not mean that he lives in a fantasy or enjoys paradise. After losing to Mexico and leaving points back at Cuscatlán, a mix of results ended up in the rest of the group sending them near the bottom with Honduras Which is why we should have a better planning of what’s to come in the upcoming dates in November and January.

For this second, the work is expected to be more in depth, as there will be several factors against the actor due to the downtime that will occur at that time. In addition, going out on that occasion would be more than complicated because they would have the United States as a competitor, Where they will seek to set up a camp to reach the point of confrontation that can determine their classification for Qatar 2022.

“In January, it will be more interesting because football will stop, and both the National League and the North American League will stop. There will be a camp in January many days before the 27th, which is the match against the United States in the date of FIFA.”, explained Diego Henriquez in programming for Güiri Güiri On Air. “We will have a few days here (in El Salvador) and others planned for camp in the US because this game is going to be there and they have to decide where they are going to play at the end of this month near the city of the games.”

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The days when the focus is expected are about fifteen. The national players will be the ones starting jobs in Central America and the rest of the group will actually come to complete jobs on American soil. Prior to that encounter, La Selecta will also play two more matches against the national teams of Jamaica and Panama.

FESFUT also wants to prepare for November

Just as January is already preparing for everything to be in order, Diego Henriquez commented Güiri Güiri On Air That in the November window, a job search will take place before the big focus. The task to be done is to contact in advance the players from the National League who are looking for an opportunity in the common team and for this they will seek to present a friendly match for international contact before facing Jamaica.

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