SPORTBUZZER podcast on RB Leipzig: empty, exhausted and shaggy against Liverpool

Leipzig. Even in the English weeks, not getting tired, writing poetry and thinking, the football community shared with their metaphysical incubators about the feeling / indifference of flat and background passage like muse of the sea. And they are creative Causes of relapse From the successful Leipzig newspaper. Most recent podcast column by Miguel Hoffman and Guido: Bully in football history. For the first time, the aesthetics of the language and fans of begonia have Bad Boy Vinnie Jones on their sleeves. Jones, also called The Ax, led the lumberjack team at Wimbledon in the prime of his life, becoming an actor after countless missteps that could be used in court and made his way through life without a speaking role. So everything is as always.


Hoffmann did not fail to point out that Schaeffer was also a poor striker in Mainz on the Rhine. Just like the fact that the former professional was mocked at the Carnival session of FSV Mainz 05 and looked like the Red Bulls against Liverpool. Empty, shabby, disheveled. More podcast topics from “Die Rückfallzieher” And the men’s table Hoffmann / Schäfer: Hahn-Glow, 88 years ago the ban in the United States ended and the era of illegal whisper bars (talkeasy).

W: chasing grass players in the title race over a dance with Old Lady Herta. Don’t forget: Marco Rose moved from one Borussia to another. Finally: How did a Forgive Me Dinner with Hanse Flick and Karl Lauterbach go at sunset? We know that!

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Hoffmann & Schäfer will be presented by Caterina Jolig, Head of the car dealership of the same name. Boss Caterina Jolig is the midfielder of Land Rover vehicles and Jaguar icons. Your marketing man, Torsten Schulz, is Caterina’s Gerd Müller, skinny like a lash and with a firm finish.

“Relapse factors” when and where? Globally, but not always nice, on all popular platforms like Spotify, Soundcloud, or iTunes www.podcast.deLeipzig 1 And of course here at sportwhistle. Listen, spread the word!

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