The United States is holding more than 350 Haitian immigrants who have arrived in Florida

The border patrol said local authorities on Monday detained 356 Haitian immigrants who arrived in Florida on Sunday, in the southern United States, on a wooden boat that stranded near a luxury private club.

The boat, full of people, got stranded at about 1:00 p.m. in front of the Ocean Reef Club, located in North Key Largo, in the Keys Archipelago, in southernmost Florida.

“One hundred and fifty-eight migrants decided to swim ashore,” Alan Regalado, a Florida Border Patrol press officer, explained by phone.

The official added that the other 198 who remained on the ship were transferred to a Coast Guard patrol boat.

The first is in the border guards and the second group is in the border guards.

Regalado said authorities are now responsible for taking the fingerprints of Haitian citizens and reviewing their backgrounds for processing.

“Everyone is in good health,” he said.

On Sunday, the US Customs and Border Protection announced the opening of an investigation into what it described as an “act of maritime traffic.”

This is the third time that US authorities have detained Haitian immigrants between their country and the United States in recent days.

On Friday, the Coast Guard intercepted 123 people on a small boat off Anguilla Cay in the western Bahamas.

And on Sunday, February 27, more than 140 people were arrested on a ship off the coast of Andros, the largest island in the Bahamas.

Human traffickers are using the Bahamas, an archipelago located about 80 kilometers off the coast of Florida, as a staging point to transport people – many of them from other Caribbean nations such as Haiti – to the United States.

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