The United States is concerned about the situation against journalists and human rights defenders in Guatemala

GUATEMALA CITY (Reuters) – A senior US official has expressed concern about actions taken against journalists and human rights defenders who have been criminally prosecuted or recently imprisoned in Guatemala.

The Central American country is facing a reconfiguration of its judicial laws that, in recent weeks, has led to prosecutions and charges being brought against managers and media outlets that have published investigations exposing state corruption.

At the end of last month, police arrested three social activists for painting the walls of the Capitol building at a protest that took place in November 2020.

“Recent events in Guatemala regarding threats and spurious legal actions against journalists, human rights defenders, and anti-corruption fighters are cause for concern,” said US Under Secretary of State for Civil Security, Democracy, and Human Rights Wednesday.

The undersecretary was visiting the country from November 28 to December 1 to discuss immigration issues and support refugee and asylum programs for immigrants. (Reporting by Sofia Mincho; Editing by Shari Angulo and Diego Oré)

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