The United States has nearly 19 million cases of coronavirus

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The United States reached 18 million 942,524 confirmed cases on Saturday, and 331,000 740 people died of COVID-19, according to an independent tally from Johns Hopkins University.

This balance is 1,488 more deaths than Friday, and 187,392 new infections.

New York State remains the worst hit in the country by the epidemic, with 37,286 deaths, followed by Texas with 26,911; California 24.78 Florida, 21135; And New Jersey 18,613.

The other state with a high death toll is Illinois, with 17,224; Pennsylvania 14858; Michigan 12690; Massachusetts 12010; Georgia 10685.

With regard to infectionCalifornia adds 2 million 88 thousand 918, followed by Texas with 667 million 974 millionAnd the third is Florida with 264 thousand 588 million, Illinois fourth, 934 thousand 142, and New York the fifth, 914 thousand 522.

The temporary death toll – 331,740 – far exceeds the minimum initial White House estimate, which at best predicted between 100,000 and 240,000 deaths from the pandemic.

US President Donald Trump lowered those estimates and was confident that the final number would be somewhere between 50,000 and 60,000 deaths. Although he later expected around 110,000 deaths, a figure that was also surpassed.

For its part, the Institute for Health Metrics and Assessments (IHME) of the University of Washington, which often sets up its models for the White House to predict the evolution of the epidemic, It is estimated that when Trump leaves power on January 20, 420,000 people will have died and by April 1 the number will be 560,000.

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