The United States, Gerardo Martino’s worst nightmare

Losing three matches – on a level national teams– against United StateIt’s nothing to be a coach Mexico He can hold out, although he is not in danger of being disqualified from the World Cup, no matter how controlled the appearance of the panorama is. It would absolutely not be acceptable to have another negative result against the strong opponent of CONCACAF.

This is the danger that continues Gerardo Martino When the activity resumes in a tie heading to Qatar 2022. The National Choice Visit Cincinnati, the new home of American football and in the matter of qualification. An experiment by the US Soccer team, after they lost in Columbus in the last tournament – heading to Russia 2018 – to finish how magical this place is for them. Now they want Cincinnati to be the new Columbus, which is why they took this game there.

to meet, Greg Berhalter recovering to its maximum number, Christian Pulisic, who between injuries and limitations Britain For travel, it was not in the earlier dates of the necktie that other names appeared, such as Riccardo Pepe, Sergino d’Este (who would not be here now) or Brendan Aronson.

lose against Panama in the stadium Rommel Fernandez It was a severe blow to the Americans, who are now second in the standings, but – with their win – they would equal Mexico on points, as well as hitting the Martino Project with another blow.

Because we’re tired of saying there’s no problem for me to go to him Qatar, but sometimes we seem to forget that Tata’s team has only lost two finals this year against the United States, and the Nations League – with Berhalter’s A-team – and gold cup, with b. A pair of badly left insults stopped Martino And his team for the match next Friday.

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Especially if the problems that have been encountered – and seem to continue – are taken into account to form a defensive line, specifically the central line, that can provide security. Whether due to lost play, injuries or suspensions, it is not seen which can give such solidity – against a team like the United States – who will once again face a very important test.

Losing again against this opponent could be a jeweler Martino And your project with everything and that the classification is not in danger Globalism.

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