The United States, Australia, India and China do not sign a coal removal agreement

Taking place in Glasgow, Scotland, COP26 is a very important climate conference where world leaders discuss and negotiate ways to mitigate the climate crisis. Currently, more than 40 countries have decided to phase out coal-fired power, but there is bad news.

The Statement of the Global Alliance to Clean up the Energy Transition Led by the UK, 190 countries and organizations will see the phase-out (not by construction or investment) of coal-fired energy-related technologies and plants. Larger economies will have to phase out the use of coal for electricity generation in the 1930s, while smaller economies will have to do so in the 1940s.

However, this deal appears to have started in error: Australia, USA, India and China Some of the countries most dependent on coal have not signed the agreement. To make you understand, coal burning Contributes about 46% of CO2 emissions globally. Ironically, in the past few hours, China has seen an increase in pollutants.

Luckily The world has seen a 76% decrease in the number of new coal plants Planned in the past six years and the new initiative wanted by the UK – one of the countries most respectful of the Paris Agreement – should definitely lower that number. “Countries from all over the world are uniting in Glasgow to declare that coal has no role to play in future energy generationBritish Minister for Affairs and Energy Kwasi Quarting said in a statement.

Finally, Will these be just words? Or will something finally be done? In the meantime, remember that 2021 was supposed to be a better year for the climate…but the predictions didn’t seem to come true.

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