China: Xinjiang and Beijing threaten retaliation if the United States does not lift sanctions

BEIJING, Dec. 13 11:49 am – (Nova Agency) China threatened to retaliate against the United States in light of the failure to lift sanctions against two Xinjiang officials accused of human rights violations. During a press conference held today, Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin accused the White House of interfering in China’s internal affairs under the pretext of the humanitarian issue, and ordered Washington to review its decision. On December 10, the US Treasury sanctioned the current interim president of China’s Xinjiang Autonomous Region, Erkin Tuniyas, and his predecessor, Shahrat Zakir, for human rights abuses against the Uyghur ethnic minority. The measure was announced in a statement issued by the department, which set a new wave of sanctions against 15 individuals and ten entities related to human rights violations in various countries of the world, particularly in China, Bangladesh, Russia and Korea. North and Myanmar. (continued) (Cip)

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