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The first president of the year 2022 at the United Nations falls between the ramifications and intrigues. Greet Farimo, 66, the executive director of the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) and former Norwegian defense minister, resigned Monday morning for granting soft loans to a wealthy family in London by lending them money for $61 million. The UN agency, in addition to its credibility, is now also risking a gap of 22 million that may never be recovered. “I understand my responsibility“Farmow wrote in a letter to his employees declaring”Check“Appointment of a replacement. However, the other person in charge of the case, Ukrainian Vitaly Vanchelboim, a senior official in the agency, did not comment, who was placed on administrative leave pending developments.

Faremo made easy loans to Englishman David Kendrick, 58, founder of Sustainable Housing Solutions (SHS), who received $58 million from the United Nations Office for Project Services for housing and renewable energy projects in countries in development. Another $3 million was later approved for the company We are the oceans (Watu) Her 27-year-old daughter Daisy’s guide aims to create a video game and website to raise awareness of environmental threats in the oceans. The victim of the plot was also pop singer Joss Stone who produced without receiving any compensation there The song “Ocean” Believing them to participate in a charitable project.

Among the indirect protagonists of the story, there is also Paolo Zamboli, an Italian businessman based in New York and Dominica Republica’s ambassador to the United Nations, who is considered a lobbyist and presenter at the time, former US President Donald Trump. Third wife Melania.

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Paulo Zamboli (

The UNOPS scandal began in 2015 during a party in Manhattan in the apartment of the Upper East Side of Gloria Star Kings, which publishes a magazine of photography periodically. Society and Diplomatic Review. On that occasion, Zamboli presented to the English entrepreneur Senkon, and between 2018 and 2020, the Director of UNOPS authorized a loan of $58.8 million to three associates representing the entire portfolio of the Agency’s investments. Of those, 8.8 million went to a company investing in a wind farm in Mexico, 35 million to build housing in Antigua, Ghana, India, Kenya and Pakistan, and $15 million to a renewable energy project company.

But according to an internal UN investigation, Kendrick was going to use the $15 million to pay off debts and other liabilities previously incurred. Its companies allegedly agreed to repay the loans taken by the United Nations, but so far have not been able to meet their obligations.

The United Nations is trying to shed light on UNOPS’s ties to the British family, but Kendrick’s lawyers deny any wrongdoing and say they are not aware of any official investigation.

Zamboli also raises his hands and asserts that he never received a cent for introducing Kendricks to UN officials. “I usedAl . announced The New York Times.

A spokesman for the UN Secretary-General, Stephane Dujarric, said last week that António Guterres would have taken”Appropriate measures“Once the investigation is over. And the first head has already fallen off.

This is a financial chaos undermining the confidence of UN member states at a pivotal time for the organization seeking hundreds of millions of dollars to help Ukraine, the Covid-19 health emergency and other crises of humanitarian aid in the world. Finland promised $20 million to support the Ops investments, but backed out after the scandal.

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