The United Kingdom orders the extradition of Karim Macias, the ex-wife of ex-governor Javier Duarte.

The former governor of Veracruz, Javier Duarte, speaks with his then-wife, Carem Macias, in 2011.Felix Marquez (AFP)

The United Kingdom gave the green light to extradite Mexico Karim MaciasM., the ex-wife of former Veracruz PRI governor Javier Duarte, was imprisoned for embezzlement between 2012 and 2016. Mexican authorities are demanding the return of Macías, accused of defrauding 112 million pesos (about six million dollars) from the treasury, when he was in charge of the system for the comprehensive development of families , which is a government agency for public assistance to people with less resources.

Last February, it was announced that a judge in London had granted Macias free entry to Mexico because there was sufficient evidence against him linking her to the crime of embezzlement. The State Department has now confirmed it. Macías’s defense has announced that he will appeal the decision, so the delivery will not be immediate. The former first lady still has 14 days from Tuesday to appeal the decision of the British authorities.

In February, Macías, 45, stated in a letter that the accusations against him during the government of Miguel Angel Yunus were false. “[Como titular del DIF] Not a single peso came into my pocket, so much so that there is no evidence of it in the accusation (…) I live in England with my minor children, yet, without the slightest luxury as they would like us to believe. “My financial situation is critical,” he said in the document. Duarte’s ex-wife has another trick to prevent her return to Mexico: apply for political asylum in the UK.

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The Public Prosecutor’s Office confirmed the news of the extradition. The Attorney General’s office said on its Twitter account: “The British Foreign Office has just ordered the extradition of Karim” M “, endorsing the decision of the British court that looked into the case.” The FGR statement came after Westminster Magistrates Court (London) announced the news. “The Government of Great Britain has agreed with the FGR and the evidence it has presented and declared it to be deliverable,” the prosecution said in a brief statement.

On February 17, the FGR reported that it had won the first class to extradite Macías, although it specified that it could appeal the decision. He added that “in accordance with the procedures established by law in the United Kingdom, the judge will send the file to the Home Secretary, so that she can determine, in accordance with her powers and authority, whether the requested international extradition is carried out.” Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The investigation into Macías’ case dates back to 2018. A year later, she was arrested after voluntarily appearing before the UK authorities to face an extradition request. After that session, Macias Pay a bond of 150,000 pounds sterling (approximately four million Mexican pesos) to continue the operation freely.

Former Governor Duarte, considered a symbolic figure for the PRI’s alleged corruption scandals in the six-year term of Enrique Peña Nieto (2012-2018), is serving five years in detention this April following his arrest in Guatemala. Duarte was sentenced to nine years in prison. In September 2018, after pleading guilty to the crimes of criminal association and money laundering.

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