The United Kingdom investigates the first case of Ebola in Britain

health authorities in United kingdom They are investigating a possible case of Ebola at Colchester Hospital, after a patient who returned to Britain developed similar symptoms Those who contracted Ebola after taking a trip to Africa.

According to the British newspaper The Telegraph, Colchester Hospital in Essex, The entrance was closed to new patients because the patient who entered the property had a travel history there AfricaAnd the A strain of the virus is circulating in Uganda.

Until Thursday, the health authorities are examining the patient through various studies to rule out a variety of diseases. However, if confirmed, this would be the first case of Ebola detected in Britain since 2014.

Through a statement, Colchester Hospital has announced that the clinical area will be temporarily closed “Because of an infection control problem,” But the rest of the facilities continued to operate normally.

“Thank you to all our patients and staff for your support yesterday afternoon when we had to temporarily close a clinical area at Colchester Hospital, our urgent treatment centre, to new patients. This was due to an infection control issue. The center is now fully open.

For her part, said Dr. Mira Chand, director Clinical and emerging infections in the UKHSA sign to “NHS doctors routinely test people who have recently traveled and report illness for a range of infectious diseases.”

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