The United Kingdom does not want Harry and Meghan to attend the coronation of Carlos III because they are expected to be booed

Premiere in Netflix From the documentary about Prince Harry s Meghan Markle It will definitely get them fame and multi-million dollar contracts, but the revelation and tone of it They don’t do a good job at Buckingham Palace.

Bad vibrations get to the point that, like daily MailOn May 6, a group of senior politicians, high-ranking military figures and British historians asked the couple not to attend coronation Charles III as King of England.

The reason they think the dukes of sussex They can boo The audience, who were not satisfied with what they saw in the documentary, rejected it on the platform flow.

In addition, in the best case, experts on the British royal family believe that the presence of the handsome couple in LondonThat would take away the fame Monarch at such an important ceremony.

Survey mail on sunday It reveals that nearly half of the british public agrees that the coupleA must be excluded from the coronation ceremonythe first in 70 years.

Furthermore, citizens who believe Prince Harry is to be excluded from the line of succession and Stripped of the title of Duke of Sussexmultiply those who think they should be allowed to maintain their position.

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