The UK has only a few days to save Christmas, why?

LONDON: The British retail sector has warned the government of Boris Johnson that it must step up effective measures to solve an acute shortage of truck drivers for less than 10 days if this is not achieved. Christmas season You will suffer an economic impact.

Unless new drivers are found in the next 10 days, there is bound to be significant disruption in the lead-up to Christmas, said Andrew Obi, director of food and sustainability at the British Retail Consortium, the retail lobby group.

Being the fifth most powerful economy in the world, there has been an increase in natural gas prices recently. What is more, After promoting Britain’s exit from the European Union face Rising prices of energy and even a potential crisis in the food supply.

Faced with this problem, the BP petrol trading company had to close its gas stations due to a shortage of drivers. While in Shell there are broad lines before the shortage, as in the ExxonMobil brand.

Even the diesel is completely depleted at the various stations monitored by Reuters,

For months before, a group of dealers warned of a shortage of heavy vehicle drivers, straining supply chains and making it difficult to provide essential products.

Obi said heavy truck drivers are the mortar that holds our supply chains together.

Without them, we cannot transport goods from farms to warehouses and stores.”

The next 10 days are crucial as you’re looking to ramp up supplies through October by ensuring there’s enough produce for the holiday season.

Shippers and logistics companies have warned there are no quick fixes, so any changes to testing won’t be able to alleviate shortages before Christmas as many consumers start shopping.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government insisted it would not go back to the 1970s, when its allies considered the UK “Europe fed” amid energy shortages and horrific inflation.

It is worth noting that the authorities insisted residents not to make purchases out of panic, but unfortunately many companies have already begun to warn their customers.

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