The Switzerland 2020 tour has been canceled

The UCI suspended the calendar until May 31, but the June races have also begun to be canceled, as is the case with the Swiza Tower. This is the first time in history since World War II that the Helvetic Tour has had to suspend its race.

The Switzerland tour also refrains from being postponed during 2020 as this cannot be done logistically and financially. Authorities did not prevent the test, but the organization made the decision after reaching an agreement with sponsors. Another race we miss this year due to the Coronavirus.

“ With a sad heart, we have decided to cancel the Tour de Suisse 2020 due to the crown epidemic. However, we are convinced that this is the best possible solution for creating planning clarity and security for all participants, fans and partners. ” Olivier SenCo-Director of the race organization. He also thanked the proponents of the test: “We want to thank all the sponsors, the venues, the service providers, and our staff for their exceptional support and solidarity.”

After this comment it is the last test cyclists take before setting up Tour of France, Which runs from June 27. It remains to be seen whether the ceremony round can still be held.

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