The Swiss government mandates the use of face masks in enclosed public places from October 19

he is Use face masks It will be mandatory as of Monday at Indoor public places throughout SwitzerlandThe federal government announced Sunday, among other measures, to try to rein in Increase in Covid-19 cases.

The president of the federation announced that “injuries doubled this week,” and the increase in cases became “progressive.” Simonetta SumarugaAt a press conference, the seriousness of the situation on the Union was justified by imposing national measures, when managing the epidemic had been the responsibility of the cantons since the summer.

Switzerland was relatively unaffected by the epidemic in the spring and imposed limited restrictions. But during the summer the authorities and citizens lowered their caution.

Federal Minister of Health, Alan Percet He noted in the same press conference that the percentage of positive tests currently stands at about “15%, 16%.”

An AFP photographer found that hundreds of protesters opposed to the new restrictions demonstrated in Bern on Sunday in front of the Federal Palace.

Aside from closed public places, the use of face masks will also be compulsory at stations and airports, as well as at bus and tram stops. In addition, spontaneous gatherings of more than 15 people in public places will be prohibited.

Special meetings – which have proven to be a major source of infection – will also be organized for more than 15 people. In addition, in restaurants, bars or nightclubs it can only be eaten while sitting. It also recommends that the government resort to remote work.

Switzerland, with more than 1,822 recorded by Covid-19, is the country in Europe with the fastest disease progression last week (+ 146%), according to an AFP tally.

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