The story of how a Microsoft employee stole millions of dollars from Xbox cards | international | News

Kvachok is still serving his sentence in prison.

Although many companies around the world have been subjected to cyberattacks such as data theft and hijacking, and unauthorized transactions, among others, in this case, the attack was carried out by an employee of Microsoft.

according to BloombergAnd the Volodymyr Kvashuk, a former Microsoft employee assigned to a team of testers, It was he who carried out the theft. His day job was to look for flaws in the company’s e-commerce infrastructure, specifically the payment systems. In case any vulnerability was found, he had to report it to his superiors.

In 2017, Kfashuk found an error It would change his life forever. This issue allowed you to generate Xbox gift card codes Free; This is after making a fake transaction in the Microsoft Store. He can use this to purchase digital products or services.

Kvachok did not report the problem and kept it a secret. The former employee has now created thousands of tokens and sold them in an online store. The value of the theft is estimated at around $10 million.

However, some codes began to fail, and those who purchased the cards sought solutions with the Microsoft support service. As shown BloombergIn February 2018, the company was already aware of what was really going on, thanks to its investigative team.

Microsoft suspected it was a file hacker external. However, soon after they discovered that the architect was one of their employees. Kvachok was left with no way out and was promptly fired.

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Although Microsoft preferred not to get involved in a direct legal dispute, it reported the event to the authorities. Kvashuk was arrested and sentenced to 9 years in prisonHe will leave prison in 2027.

Federal agents found Kvashuk’s list with future investments, written in Ukrainian. The listing revealed that he was planning, among other things, to buy a $4 million home in Maui, a million homes in the “mountains,” as well as a “yacht.” The title of the list was “How am I going to manage my next 10 million”.

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