The specialist advises against filling plastic bottles for daily use: why and which ones should we replace

Plastic bottles contain various harmful ingredients and should only be used once. Recommend this in an interview with from mouth to mouth On Radio 2, Flavia Ruiz, consultant on food technology, quality and food safety. How can it affect us? What actions should we take?

“It is not a good idea to use plastic bottles to fill them with water because we may start ingesting harmful chemicals”The Anxiety Specialist explained, knowing that it is very common for people to have the habit when it comes to training, taking them to the bedroom or even storing them in the refrigerator.

He explained that “plastic packages that come in contact with food must meet the requirements and that plastic bottles filled with mineral water are approved for single use because the material in which they are made does not transmit toxic substances.”

“For our safety, and from my experience, I don’t use plastic bottles. He added that glass is much better because it does not transfer any material like plastic,” referring to the use of glass as an alternative to plastic.

When asked about the possibility of washing these bottles or using thermal bottles, she said: “There is no point in washing it, but it depends on the quality of the plastic. Thermo bottles are not because they are practically the same.”

Problems that can interfere with our health have not yet been proven. He concluded: “They are very small values ​​but they are cumulative in the body. There is a possibility that they can cause disease, but with technology all this progresses.”

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