The second part of the series comes to Netflix only in the spring

Selena: the second part of the series It will be appearing soon on Netflix With 5 new episodes of Biography that tell the very short life of Queen Tijano Music in the 1990s.

Despite the interesting story, the series received lukewarm reviews for not being able to tell the story of Selena Quintanilla from the star’s point of view and not from the point of view of her family and the world in which she grew up (here is our review).

Part one focused mainly on Selena’s childhood and adolescence Selena: the second part of the series He will take over the task of recounting his death in 1995 when he was only 24 years old, When she is killed by a collaborator and family friend, founder of her fan club and then partner in a clothing chain.

Netflix Original Projects Latin America Vice President producer Francisco Ramos announced that his biographical drama starring Christian Serratos will be returning this spring: Selena: the second part of the series On the platform all over the world Friday May 14thSix months after the release of the first part in December 2020.

This is how Ramos announced the appearance Selena: the second part of the series In a message to the public.

When Selena Quintanella burst into the Tijano music scene in the 1980s, it was her dream to create music that celebrated her Latin roots and Mexican-American upbringing. He eventually merged these two worlds, leaving behind a timeless legacy that still resonates with generations of fans around the world. We had the same hopes when we were released Selena: The Series In December on Netflix. We wanted to pay tribute to the girl with the big dreams and the biggest voice, and to honor her incredible rise from the local theater with her family to decorate some of the biggest stage in the world. We can’t wait to continue this journey when the highly-anticipated world premiere of this two-part series takes place on May 14th.

Then the manufacturer added that in Selena: Part Two of the series “Fans will see family, love, and a blossoming career balance (…) years of hard work and sacrifices for the Quintanilla family as they sail together to become the most successful Latino artist ever.”

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