The second batch that ended is Consulting Engineering‌

Paris (Chennai): The second batch of engineering circle courses for this academic year, mentorship, concluded on Saturday. Higher education authorities handed admission orders to 31,662 students and congratulated them. In the 2021-22 academic year, 1,74930 students applied to enroll in BE, BTech, etc. in Engineering and Technical Education courses. In addition, 22,671 public school students are interested in studying engineering. Together, they issued random numbers to a total of 1,74930 people and provided engineering consultancy in two batches. Of this, the Ministry of Higher Education has taken steps to replace 1,51870 seats in 440 colleges. Public schools and special categories of students participated in the online consultations conducted from 17 to 24 September, of which 6,442 were accepted. In this context, online general category consultations will be conducted in four batches from September 27 to September 17 this month. Accordingly, early counseling was given to those rated 1 to 14,788, from the 27th of last month to the 5th of this month. Of these, 13,127 students are allotted seats in the faculties of their choice. Meanwhile, students who participated in the second batch of mentorship, which began on the 2nd of this month, registered the names of their chosen colleges online on the 5th and 6th. A total of 31,258 people qualified for the consultation, which ended on Sunday. Of these, 22,704 chose the colleges of their choice and 20,438 of them also received orders of admission.

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